Programme - Breakbot

Breakbot has just announced his new album "By your side" to be released in September 2012. "Programme" is the brand new track of the expected album and the combination of the two following songs are the perfect match for your week end pleasure.

192021 is a project of Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED Conference. The objective is to analyse 19 cities with a population over 20 million people in the 21st century, and logically it is called "192021". Since the project is still at the nascent stage, there is not much information available yet. Although, future findings might be interesting.

Grazie mille

It is a pleasure to introduce Righeira, an Italian duo formed in 1981 Turin, Italy.
If you know Italian language, please be my guest and check their official website.

Poolside + mixtapes to download

Poolside is a Californian duo based in L.A and the particularity of those guys is that they actually do not play at night clubs, as common djs, but instead they only mix at daytime pool parties...
The New Disco duo is currently working on its promising album. Meanwhile enjoy their releases.

Miami - Walter Sobcek

Le voyage dans la lune / 1902

"A trip to the moon" is the first science movie ever made and it was mainly inspired by "From the Earth to the Moon" of Jules Verne.
This short movie was released in 1902 by Georges Méliès, who was a French magician in a first place but then became a filmmaker after being inspired by les Frères Lumières. Monsieur Méliès passed away in 1938 in Paris and has a filmography made of more than 30 movies. He is definitely considered as a pioneer of the cinema and its works worth having a look.

Kaufmann Desert House

Kauffman Desert House is located in Palm Springs city, California and was designed by Richard Neutra in 1946. Mr Neutra passed away in 1970 and he is still considered as one of the most important modern architect. The specific Neutra's masterpiece is a bunch of harmony, efficiency, modern design and history.

Old French Classics

Photo: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

It might exists many different things that make you think about France and its culture, such as art and/or wine, but there is nothing like Josephine Baker and Charles Trenet's songs that undeniably make you travel in time and feel the atmosphere of the old Paris. The two following songs represent all the feelings and thoughts that you would stereotypically associate with France and, especially Paris of 30-40s (Pre-WWII).

Tribute to Drive + Jean-Francois

Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku are the two directors of those 2 awesome short-movies. Please check their vimeo and blog.

1. Tribute to Drive
2. Jean-Francois (2009)

Back to basics

This great work of Tilent Sepic has been suggested (once more) by one very important person in my life and indeed, it is worth having a closer look at it.

The following gif images are only an overview of the tumblr and, they perfectly illustrate simple everyday's feelings and scenarios that are likely to be ignored in our today's society, sadly.

Midnight city - M83

For those who do not know M83, it is a French indie-pop band from Antibes, France (French Riviera) and the group has been active since 2001. 
The following video clip "Midnight City" has been produced by Division and it is only an extract of the studio album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" freshly released on October 2011. The album has received positive reviews and you can get it on iTunes